Great News From Boni Dodori!

Following WWF’s interventions in the deployment of camera traps and the resultant data in the Boni Dodori Forest, Ader’s duiker has gone from being listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN red list to Vulnerable. This follows the publication by the IUCN early in April 2018. Read More (Link from IUCN)   According to IUCN... Continue Reading →


Stopping Extinction

In a bid to ensure that certain species of both plants and animals are not wiped away from the face of the planet globally, it is imperative that Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) have to be developed and fully implemented. This is the agreed upon strategy by a team of wildlife experts following a review of... Continue Reading →

The Homestretch – Bomet County Spatial Plan

Bomet County Government with the support of WWF-Kenya is set to be the second devolved unit to develop and institute the all-important County spatial plan that will inform sustainable land and natural resource usage in the region. According to WWF-Kenya’s Spatial Planning Manager Zachary Maritim, the Bomet county spatial plan will be finalized in two-months... Continue Reading →

WWF-Kenya has launched Keep Kenya Breathing

WWF-Kenya has launch of a national environmental campaign, dubbed KEEP KENYA BREATHING that aims to raise awareness and mobilize Kenyans to take action for conservation. The announcement was made during the launch ceremony at Sankara Hotel and was attended by the Principal Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forestry; Mr. Charles Sunkuli, WWF-Kenya Chairman Mr. Isaac Awuondo and WWF-Kenya CEO... Continue Reading →

Marco’s Visit

WWF is keen on setting up an ambitious impact investment partnership with the county Government of Narok, the host of the iconic Maasai Mara. The partnership is meant to improve the livelihoods of communities living around the Maasai Mara, while at the same time contribute to WWF’s objective of ensuring wildlife numbers are stable or... Continue Reading →

People at the heart of conservation

Over the years, WWF-K has worked with local communities to deliver its conservation goals. These communities may however be impacted negatively by our conservation work. In a bid to ensure we create a lasting impact that addresses the current challenges in conservation, WWF alongside other conservation organizations have developed social policies to be implemented across... Continue Reading →

A Journey of Transformation

Kinondo Financial Services Association (KFSA) is a community owned and managed initiative that strives to provide a wide range of financial services to the poor local community in Kwale County. The facility was initiated in the year 2003, as part of the larger Kaya Kinondo Community Ecotourism Project with the support of WWF-Kenya. The FSA... Continue Reading →

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