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WWF Kenya is part of the largest environmental conservation organization on the planet, the World Wide Fund for Nature and has worked in our nation for 50 years striving to improve the lives of the communities and animals that call Kenya home.

Our first active conservation work in Kenya started more than 50 years ago, in 1962, with black rhino conservation work. This marked the start of an extensive engagement in Kenya through the purchase of private land and donation to the Kenyan government of the now 188 sq km Lake Nakuru National Park. We have supported wildlife conservation, focusing on flagship species such as elephant, black rhino and marine turtles.

Forest resources management has targeted some of the most biodiversity-rich forests in Kenya, including forests that also act as water towers for important downstream water users, and some forests that are critical cultural/sacred sites to indigenous communities.
The wise management of Kenya’s vital but scarce water resources has become a major area of work in the Mara river and Naivasha basins.

Management of important coastal resources and fisheries is a growing area of our work. In addition, we have recognised that localised field interventions are not enough as there are pressures and drivers beyond the traditional project sites that are critical to address. Therefore, we have stepped up efforts to influence and improve policies and legislation alongside improving governance and accountability in natural resource management.




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